Alon Goldman, a second generation Częstochowa descendent, was born in Israel on August 8, 1953. His father, Jerzy (Jerucham) Goldman, was born in Częstochowa in 1917. Jerzy graduated Henryk Sienkiewicz High School in Częstochowa in 1935, and graduated Wawelberg Polytechnic in Warsaw with a degree in electrical engineering in 1939. Alon’s mother, Sara Goldman nee Czarnylas, was born in Pajęczno in 1918. When she was a small child, her family moved to Częstochowa.
Alon’s parents survived the Holocaust by fleeing to Russia three months after the German invasion of Częstochowa in 1939 . The rest of the family, including four grandparents, five aunts and uncles and other family members, perished in Częstochowa and Treblinka.
Alon graduated The Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a BA degree in economics. He later received an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Alon served for many years as a senior manager at one of Israel’s major banking institutions, Bank Leumi. Over the years, he was a director of various bank branches around the country. Later he became a vice president of Leumi First Direct Bank, and then Director of Human Resources of Bank Leumi’s Direct Banking Division and Commercial Division.
In 2011, Alon was elected Chairman of the Israeli Association of Częstochowa Jews, and in July 2014 was appointedwell as Vice-President of the World Society of Częstochowa Jews and Their Descendants.Alon is one of the leading leaders of the second generation after the Holocaust in Israel, active in the education of youth - both Israeli and Polish, and active in seeking cooperation between the two nations and the preservation of the Jewish heritage of Częstochowa.