St. Roch and St. Sebastian's Church and Cemetery

The oldest of the existing cemeteries of Częstochowa, situated between St. Roch Street and St. Sebastian Street, near the church of the same name. The cemetery was established in the 1640's. In the mid-19th century the Protestant section was allotted and 30 years later - a Russian Orthodox one. The oldest tombstone preserved in the cemetery dates from 1849. Insurgents of the 3rd Silesian Uprising, poet Halina Poświatowska, Ignacy Kozielewski as well as many others are buried here.The history of St. Roch and St. Sebastian's Church dates back to the mid-17th century, when a brick chapel was erected on this site. The chapel was demolished during the Swedish war of 1655-60, but in 1680 a brick and stone church was built on the site of the destroyed chapel and then consecrated. The originally Baroque church had one nave with an arched ceiling, but after reconstruction a tripartite façade with two towers topped with Baroque domes was added.