Parks near Jasna Góra

Stanisław Staszic Park - established on the eastern slope of the Jasna Góra hill in 1826. It was the site of the National Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition in 1909. Several buildings have remained in the Park since that time: the Secession Exhibition Pavilion, now housing the collections of the Częstochowa Museum, the unique and the only model of a peasant farm in Poland, a stylish wooden summer house and the Astronomical Observatory. Two ponds connected with a narrow canal add variety to the Park’s landscape. Among the plants in the Park there are some rare tree and shrub species such as the Austrian pine, the Chinese juniper, the Pennsylvania ash and the Douglas fir.
The 3rd May Park - established in 1938, is situated on the eastern slope of the Jasna Góra hill. In the Park there are tennis courts with clubhouse in an old-style. Chess enthusiasts have their meeting point near the Stanisław Moniuszko monument, where they can enjoy this royal game. There are 1581 specimens of trees and shrubs in the park, which belong to 83 species and varieties. Foreign species come mainly from South America and Asia. d.