Suggestion intinerary for 2-day trip CZĘSTOCHOWA-OLSZTYN-ZŁOTY POTOK

Day 1 - Częstochowa

A tour around the Jasna Góra Monastery: the Our Lady Chapel, the Basilica, the Knight's Hall and the Golgotha of Jasna Gora, the Treasury, National Memorial Chapel, the 600th Anniversary Museum, a walk around the Shafts of Jasna Gora.
-2:00 PM- lunch
-A guided tour around Czestochowa:
The Church of St Barbara, The Museum of Czestochowa in the Staszic Park, The Holy Virgin Mary Avenue, the Church of St. Jacob, the Town Hall, the Gallery of Good Art, the Cathedral of the Holy Family.
-7:00 PM - supper
-9:00 PM - participation in the Appeal of Jasna Gora.

Day 2 - Olsztyn – Złoty Potok – Częstochowa

-A trip around the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland: a drive to Olsztyn near Czestochowa. A walk around the the ruins of a fortified upland castle with caves and rock cavities incorporated in the structure - a rarity in Poland. A visit at the Church of St John the Baptist with the mummified remains of a soldier, and at the Moving Christmas Crib in Olsztyn.
-2:00 PM – a drive to Złoty Potok – lunch in the „Kmicic” Hotel.
-After lunch a visit to the Krasiński Mansion and the Raczynski Palace, awalk through the park (interesting tree specimens).
-A drive down the trail along the Wiercica Valley to the Springs of Sigmund and Elizabeth (a possibility to see the Twardowski Gate, the Bear Cave and A Rock with the Cross on the way).
-Back to Czestochowa, supper in one of the restaurants on the Holy Virgin Mary Avenue.