Suggestion intinerary for 4-day trip SANCTUARIES, RELIGIOUS MONUMENTS

Day 1 - Częstochowa

-A tour around the Jasna Góra Monastery: the Our Lady Chapel, the Basilica, the Knight's Hall and the Golgotha of Jasna Gora, the Treasury, National Memorial Chapel, the 600th Anniversary Museum, a walk around the Shafts of Jasna Gora to the statue of the parents of Pope John Paul II.
2:00 PM – lunch
-A guided tour around the religious monuments of Częstochowa: Churches of St. Andrew and St. Barbara, the Church of the Holy Name of Mary, the Church of St. Jacob, the Evangelical Church of Ascension, the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Church of St. Zygmunt.
7:00 PM- supper.
9:00 PM– participation in the Appeal of Jasna Gora.

Day 2 - Częstochowa – Olsztyn – Częstochowa

-A visit at the Museum of Czestochowa – the exhibition on pilgrimage, Museum of the Archdiocese of Czestochowa, the Church and the cemetery of St. Roch and St. Sebastian – with a possibility to visit graves of famous people of Czestochowa – e.g. the poet, Halina Poświatowska.
-2:00 PM - lunch
-A trip to Olsztyn near Częstochowa. A visit at the Church of St. John the Baptist, which history dates back to the 16th century. In its basement there are mummies of a woman, a monk and a Confederate of Bar in his uniform.
-A visit at the Jan Wiewior's house – Jan is a folk artist, author of a mobile wooden Christmas crib, one of only a few such cribs in Poland and Europe. The host invites you also to the underground dungeon with an exhibition on the local legend about Marek Borkowic and the famous battle for the Olsztyn castle. Guests can purchase hand-made, carved figurines and nativity scenes.
-A walk around the ruins of the Olsztyn castle.
-7:00 PM- supper in a regional restaurant
-Back to Częstochowa.

Day 3 - Leśniów – Mrzygłód – Częstochowa

-A drive to Leśniów to visit the popular Monastery of Paulites in Żarki-Leśniów, which consists of the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the altar, the chapel by the spring, the monastery, the bell tower and a pilgrim house. A walk through the Leśniowski park by the miraculous water spring
-2:00 PM – lunch at the restaurant.
- A drive to Mrzygłód, a visit at the Sanctuary of the Queen of the Rosary, one of the first zwiedzanie Sanktuarium Wniebowziętej Królowej Różańca, one of the first devotional centre of the Holy Mother of Rosary in Poland, visited by almost 15 thousands of pilgrims every year.
-The trip ends with a walk through the Kalwaria Jurajska with sculptures of scenes from the Passion of Christ, made ​​in bronze by an artist from Wroclaw, prof. Tadeusz Teller.
-Back to Częstochowa.
-7:00 PM - supper
-9:00 PM - the Appeal of Jasna Gora.

Day 4 - Święta Anna – Gidle – Mstów – Częstochowa

-A trip to the Sanctuary of St Anna. A visit to one of the oldest (more than 500 years) sanctuary with a baroque church containing a late-Gothic, polychrome statue of St. Anna Samotrzecia, carved in linden wood.
-2:00 PM– lunch at the restaurant
- A drive to Gidle. A visit to the Sanctuary of the Holiest Virgin Mary of Gidle – a miraculous healer, patron of farmers and miners. The pilgrims participate here in a ceremony of „bathing” - a figurine of Holy Mary is submerged in wine, which is later given to the visitors.
-A drive to Mstów – a visit in the Sanctuary of the Holy Mother of Mstow – this is also a place of worship of St Valentine, the patron saint of epileptics, and St Stanisław Biskup, who – according to the legend-was supposed to live in this village.
-Back to Czestochowa .