Day 1 - Częstochowa
-A tour around the Jasna Góra Monastery: the Our Lady Chapel, the Basilica, the Knight's Hall and the Golgotha of Jasna Gora, the Treasury, National Memorial Chapel, the 600th Anniversary Museum, Statue of the parents of Pope John Paul II, a walk around the Shafts of Jasna Gora.
-13:00 – lunch in one of the restaurants serving regional and Old Polish cuisine.
-In the afternoon a visit at the place of your choice: the Museum of Czestochowa, Archaeological Reserve -
the Lusatian burial site, the Municipal Art Gallery, the Art Foundry Gallery or the Gallery of Painting and Sculpture of the 19th and 20th century.
-A supper at the hotel.
-A possibility to attend a theatre production or a jazz concert.

Day 2 - Olsztyn – Złoty Potok – Żarki

-A trip to Olsztyn near Czestochowa. Breakfast in the 18th century wooden granary in the castle park. A visit at the ruins of a fortified upland castle with caves and rock cavities incorporated in the structure - a rarity in Poland, a visit in the Church of St. John the Baptist - the crypt with a mummified remains of a soldier. A visit to "Betlejemowo pod strzechą" or to the Moving Christmas Crib in Olsztyn.
- A drive to Złoty Potok (15 km), dinner at the "Kmicic" restaurant. A visit to the Museum in the Krasinski Mansion, then the Raczynski Palace, following the trail along the Wiercica Valley to the Springs of Sigmund and Elizabeth (a possibility to see the Twardowski Gate, the Bear Cave and A Rock with the Cross on the way), a further route to Żarki (12 km). In the area of Olsztyn and Złoty Potok you can visit the Jurassic Horse Caravan.

Day 3 - Żarki – Leśniów – Mirów – Bobolice – Kroczyce – Podlesice – Morsko

-After breakfast a visit to the Monastery of Paulites in Żarki-Leśniów.
-A drive to Mirów and Bobolice, where the ruins of medieval castles from the 14
th century are located on picturesque ledges.
-A drive from
Mirow to Kroczyce Rocks and the Zborów Mountain (about 22 km), dinner at the "Ostaniec" hotel in Podlesice.
-In the afternoon, a walk around the area or visit at the ruins of the fortress in Morsko, with a ski lift working in the winter.
-Night in Podlesice, regional dinner combined with sausage or pig roasting.

Day 4 - Podlesice – Podzamcze – The Ogrodzieniec Castle

-A drive from Podlesice to Ogrodzieniec, Rocks in Podlesice, Okiennik Wielki and the Birów Mountain can be seen on the way – 16 km. A visit in the Podzamcze village and the Ogrodzieniec Castle – a royal castle reconstructed on the slope of the Janowski Mountain.
-Dinner at the restaurant. In the afternoon an opportunity to see the knight tournament, to visit a rope park with numerous obstacles, rope bridges and footbridges suspended a few meters above the ground.
-Back to Czestochowa for dinner.