Suggestion intinerary for 4-day trip SPORTS, TOURISM, RECREATION

Day 1 - Częstochowa – Turn of the Warta river

-Kayaking trip Czestochowa – the Mirow district. The picturesque expedition down the Warta river to the most beautiful natural places of Czestochowa, combined with a trip through the Jura. -Additional attractions:a carriage or a wagon ride, paintball, a stop in the Horse Riding Center TKKF Pegaz, a walk down the educational path at the turn of the Warta river.

Day 2 - Konopiska – Nierada – Poraj

-A trip to Konopiska. Recreation in Rosa Private Golf Club designed according to the latest standards. In one of the most modern golf clubs you can find such facilities as: an 18-hole championship golf course, a driving range with 80 positions including 14 indoor, a putting green area of ​​1500 square meters, a chipping green, training bunkers. A modern offroad track in Nierada can serve as an alternative to the golf course.

-2.00 PM - lunch
-A trip to Poraj, where you can rent and use water equipment: sailing boats, yachts, bikes and water skis, kayaks or surfboards. You can also rent a fishing boat.

Dzień 3 - Złoty Potok – Ostrężnik – Czatachowa – Jura

-A trip to Jura, horse riding and cycling. In Złoty Potok near Janów hikers and bikers can follow the 9-kilometer trail leading to water springs. The cycling and hiking trail begins at the town square in Janów and leads through Złoty Potok – by the Krasiński Mansion, the American Ponds and the Midsummer Night's Dream Pond, the Springs of Sigmund and Elizabeth, ending almost by the castle ruins in Ostrężnik.
-Going north from the castle ruins, in a Czatachowa village, you can find the Hermitage of the Holy Spirit with an impressive church building. Here, in primitive conditions, in little wooden huts live men who cultivate poverty in a so-called small monastery.
-Horse riding enthusiasts can go for a few-hour trip down the Transjurrasic Horse Trail (alternative to the Eagle's Nest Trail). The trail goes through picturesque places like: Zrębice, Złoty Potok, Mirów, Bobolice, Karlin, Podzamcze, Małobądz, Klucze, Rabsztyn, Zederman, Zawada, Nielepice near Krakow.

Dzień 4 - Kroczyce – Podlesice – Rzędkowice

-A trip to one of the many Jurassic climbing centers, the opportunity to participate in the training, organized in the area of Krakow-Czestrochowa Upland, which is the most attractive destination for rock climbers. Climbing classes are held under the supervision of professionals, on rocks in Kroczyce, Podlesice, Rzędkowice, Włodowice and near Olsztyn. The area around Czestochowa is also full of caves and rock shelters recommended by cavers.