Suggested intinerary for 2-day trip TRACES OF JEWISH CULTURE

Day 1 - Częstochowa – Lelów - Żarki

-A walking tour of Częstochowa Judaica with a guide: Stary Rynek, Ptasia street, the plaque on Kawia street 20/21 to commemorate the 2,000 Jews who were shot by Germans in 1942 during the liquidation of the ghetto, the plaques on the building of Rydygier Hospital, the Czestochowa Philharmonic Hall built on the ruins of the New Synagogue, a ramp on the Strażacka street from where transports to Treblinka departed.

-1:00 PM- lunch.
-A trip to Lelów - the picturesque town, where at the turn of the 18th and 19th century lived one of the most popular tzadikim in Poland, David Biedermann. The Tzadik's grave is visited every year by Hasidic Jews from all over the world. In August, a Ciulim-Cholent holiday is held here, with tasting of both dishes (Jewish cholent and his Polish counterpart - ciulim) accompanied by fairs, concerts and numerous outdoor events.

Day 2 - Częstochowa – Żarki

-A visit at the 18th century Jewish cemetery on Złota street – the fourth largest cemetery of this type in Poland, with 5,000 tombstones and a monument commemorating residents of the Czestochowa ghetto murdered by the Nazis.
-1:00 PM- lunch
-A trip to Żarki to discover the trail of Jewish culture, including the best preserved Judaica on the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. In the town, where before the war the predominant part of the inhabitants were Jews you can visit a Jewish cemetery and the former synagogue, and stroll the narrow streets between the preserved Jewish houses.

-Dinner at the regional restaurant.