Suggested itinerary for 2-day trip SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Day 1 – Częstochowa

-A visit at the Art Foundry Gallery of prof. Wacław Sakwa.
-Screening at the Planetarium of Jan Dlugosz University, which presents films about the birth and
structure of the universe and the origins and naming of constellations. On request, screenings are also held in English.
-1:30 PM- lunch.
-A visit at the Archaeological Reserve in the Raków district - an unique burial of the Lusatian culture from the early Iron Age. You can see pots, bowls, jewelry, and other everyday objects that were found in the graves.


Day 2 - Częstochowa – Herby – Jura

-Seeing two historic locomotives owned by the Polish Railway in Czestochowa (located at the Czestochowa Osobowa station and on 1 Maja street).
-A visit to the Museum of Iron Ore Mining – the main attraction are the underground corridors arranged to look like the original ore mines, which still operated around Czestochowa several dozens years ago. The Museum consists of four corridors, a large exhibition hall and the hall of the pumps. -A visit at the Coal Trunk-Line Museum in Herby Nowe, which has a lot of memorabilia associated with railway history, collected by railwayman Jan Dąbrowski.
-2:00 PM – lunch
-  A Trip Along the Space Tourist Trail - an unusual tourist trail in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, leading through the models of the planets of the solar system