Municipal Tourist Information Center

Municipal Tourist Information Center


Avenue of the Holy Virgin Mary 65
phone: +48 34 368 22 50
fax: +48 34 368 22 60

Open: Monday-Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

Tourist Information Center located on the Avenue of the Holy Virgin Mary 65 is an unit working for the Department of Culture, Promotion and Sport of the City Hall of Czestochowa. It provides the information services (about tourism, culture and local government) for tourists and pilgrims, helps them with finding their way in the city, and for residents it provides information about current cultural and sport events.

Thinking about the residents and tourists there is a place selling folders, maps, albums and publications about Czestochowa and other souvenirs related to out city and region (led by Tourist Organization in Czestochowa), there are also several free promotional materials in multiple languages versions.

At Tourist Information Center you can get the following information:

  • updated database with contact details of accommodation facilities in and near Czestochowa,

  • a database with contact details of training centers, conference facilities,

  • a list of travel agencies operating in the city,

  • addresses of farms located near Czestochowa.

Employees of Tourist Information Center can help with hiring guides in the city and on Jura, they can contact with the accommodation facility, help with finding a legal document and can help with booking a place in a queue for customer services.

At the headquarters of Tourist Information Center you can check out the regional library where you can find not only the archived issues of “Jasne, że Częstochowa” and “Newsletter of the City Hall of Czestochowa” but also:

The Monography of Czestochowa

  • Album “Czestochowa is a good city”
  • Encyclopedia of Czestochowa
  • Treasures of Jasna Góra
  • Biographical Dictionary of Lands of Czestochowa

You can also see the legal documents, related to the local government such as “Law on local self-government”, “Act of the county government”, “Act of incomes of local government units in the years 1999 – 2003” and the resolutions of the City Council since 2003.

Thinking about tourists, at the headquarters of Tourist Information Center is an online information point which can help you find most of the information about the city and via which you can send an email.

At Tourist Information Center you can read the current repertoires of the Theater, Philharmonic Hall, cinemas; exhibitions' offers of Museums and Galleries, entertainment offer of the clubs and restaurants. This information – collected on a regular basis directly from the organizers – is also published on the website as a weekly offer chronologically arranged and is available also after working hours of Tourist Information Center.