Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff was created in 1982, but their first longplay album was recorded in 1989. Until now the band recorded 10 albums with many top-chart hits like "Klub wesołego szampana", "Lato", "Da, da, da". The leader of the band is Aleksander Klepacz.

Tadeusz Ehrhardt-Orgielewski (born in 1948 in Czestochowa) – Polish jazz musician (cornet). He was born in Czestochowa. In 1969 he founded a band called “Five O'Clock Orchestra”, but in 1977 he moved with his family to Germany and the band has fallen apart. In 1999 during his brief visit in Czestochowa, under the influence of a meeting with the band members, he resumed his musical career and reactivated the band. He lives in Aachen, where he founded an international group “Aix Dixie Connection”. He is a creator of Jazz Spring Festival in Czestochowa. (Source: Wikipedia)

Bronisław Huberman ( born December 19, 1882 in Częstochowa , died June 15,1947 in Corsier -sur- Vevey bt the Lake Geneva , Switzerland) – a Polish violinist and teacher of Jewish origin. He is one of the most prominent Polish violinists of the twentieth century. He started playing the violin at the direction of M. Michalowicz and J. Rozen . Quickly gained the reputation of a "child prodigy" and began a brilliant career. In 1892, he began studying the violin in Berlin, under the direction of a world-renowned teacher and violinist Józef Joachim. Even then he performed in public in Vienna, and a year later in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. His protector and guardian, Count Jan Zamoyski gave him a Gibson violin made ​​by Stradivari.
In 1896, Huberman performed a Brahms concert in the presence of the composer himself. He artistically collaborated with many musicians like a cellist, Pablo Casals and a pianist, Ignacy Friedman. Together they performed The Complete Piano Trios by Beethiven in 1927, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the death of the composer.
Huberman was the initiator of the establishment of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Tel Aviv. He was also a proponent of the idea of ​​the United Europe. He was giving lectures and published many articles on this subject. He also worked as a teacher. One of his pupils was Irena Dubiska. He taught a master class at the Akademie für Musik in Vienna. He was awarded for his work with the Order of Polonia Restituta (1926) .
Since 1997, every two years the International Violin Festival of Bronislaw Huberman is held in the Czestochowa Philharmonic Hall. (Source: Wikipedia)

Janusz Iwański (alias YANINA, born April 22, 1956 in Częstochowa) – a Polish Jazz and rock musician, guitarist, composer, songwriter and singer connected with Czestochowa. Co-founder of bands Tie Break, Soyka-Yanina, cooperated with Drum Freaks and Maanam.
Other bands he worked with are: New Jazz Band (1983), Symfonic Sound Orchestra (1984), Stan d'Art (1986), Virtual J@zz Reality (2000), D.Y.M.
A book of poems "Sukienki i warkocze" written by Yanina has been released at the end of 1993.It was illustrated with photographs by another famous person from Częstochowa - Wojciech Prażmowski. His first solo album "Portret wewnętrzny" with his biggest hit “Wielkie podzielenie” was released in 1995.
In 1998, Yanina invited some young musicians to form a jazz quartet YANINA i KaPeLa. The band recorded and released two albums: "2001", and "The Searchers For Something".
Lately, Yanina, Marek Jackowski, Ginni Dominici, Andrew Ryszka, Czarek Kazmierczak, Marcin Lamch and Zuanna Iwańska as The Goodboys recorded songs about love.

Paweł Łukaszewski (born on September 19th 1968 in Czestochowa) – Polish composer, conductor, pedagogue and an organizer of musical life.

Michał Masłoń got his education at the Faculty of Acting and Vocal of Music Academy in Lodz. He trained singing under the guidance of Professor Halina Romanowska (soprano) and Professor Henryka Januszewska (soprano). After graduation he moved to Germany. He participated twice in a concert tour in Germany and Austria with a group of 12 International Tenors. His career increased after obtaining a high position in the competition “Immigrants Have Talent” organized by Polish Radio in London. His first music video for the song “Z niewielkiej oddali”, filmed in November 2009 in cooperation with TVP Katowice beat popularity records for few weeks on Top List of a show “To Brzmi”. Currently he is working at the Youth Cultural House in Czestochowa as a vocal teacher and he prepares his debut album.


The NEFRE band was created in Czestochowa at the beginning of 2006. Its founders, Piotr „Dziker” Chrząstek and Kamil „Kamilos” Ostrowski, previously cooperated with musicians like Lari Fari, Ideo, Natanael, Habakuk. NEFRE consists of 7 people, including session musicians playing every day with leaders of the Polish music industry.
The band combines genres like reggae, ragga, hip-hop and funk. In May 2009 NEFRE was nominated for the European Reggae Contest 2009 by the co-organizers of the biggest reggae festival in Europe – Rototom Festival (Italy) -. In an online voting the band won the 2nd place among the Polish bands, and the 3rd place out of the 100 bands from Europe, which confirmed its high popularity among the fans of reggae music.

Rodzina Pospieszalskich (the Family of Pospieszalscy) is a musical family from Czestochowa. Its members were recording, composing and giving concerts under their own name as well as with the leaders of Polish music stage: Anna Maria Jopek, Justyna Steczkowska, Voo Voo. Every year from December until February the family prepares a series of concerts and Christmas carols (often in unconventional arrangements and modern sounds) with family of Steczkowscy and other artists at concert halls and churches.

Jan Pospieszalski – bassist, composer, journalists

  • son – Franek Pospieszalski (born in 1993) – bassist

  • daughter – Barbara Pospieszalska (born in 1997) – violinist

Mateusz Pospieszalski – saxophonist, composer

  • son – Marek Pospieszalski – saxophonist, clarinetist

  • son – Łukasz Pospieszalski – pianist

Marcin Pospieszalski – bassist, composer

  • wife – Lidia Pospieszalska – singer

  • son – Nikodem Pospieszalski – drummer, composer

  • son – Mikołaj Pospieszalski – violinist, bassist

Karol Pospieszalski – guitarist, tuba player, trumpeter

  • daughter – Paulina Pospieszalska – singer

  • son – Szczepan Pospieszalski – composer, trumpeter

Paweł Pospieszalski – guitarist, composer (source: Wikipedia)

Zygmunt Staszczyk „MUNIEK” was born on November 5th, 1963 in Czestochowa. A graduate of 4th High School of Henryk Sienkiewicz made the school famous with a song called „The Forth High School”. The initial band members: Muniek (vocals and bass), Janek Knorowski (guitar), Jacek „Słoniu” Wudecki (drums), Darek Zając (organs). The first concert took place on their own prom on February 4th, 1982. After the debut they started to be known as T.Love. The first standalone concert was performed at the club „Stradom”.
Muniek graduated from Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw and he become involved with this city for subsequent years. Although he often performs, he comes back to Czestochowa. Almost every time he visits his school. (source:Wikipedia)

Jarosław Woszczyna, graduate of the Instrumental Department at the Music Academy. A saxophonist, clarinetist and composer. Plays the saxophone: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, clarinet and "electronic saxophone" - EWI (Electric Wind Instrument). Since the 80's he's been associated with the most popular Polish bands and performers including T.LOVE, DAAB, YA HOZNA (RENATA PRZEMYK), FORMACjA NIEZYWYCH SCHABUFF, SAMI SWOI, EWA BŁASZCZYK, ALEX BAND ORCHESTRA. He has made many recordings including music albums, video clips, radio and TV shows.He performed many times at festivals and other important events in the country and abroad, including: Opole, Sopot, Jarocin, Róbreggae, Fama, Rockowisko, Stage Songs Festival in Wroclaw. In the 80's and 90's he cooperated permanently with theaters in Wroclaw as a musician, mostly with the Contemporary Theatre. He is associated with the Gliwice Music Theatre since 2000.
He composes and records music i.a. for theater and fairy tales for children, for audiobooks, for radio and television advertisements. Thanks to the grant of the Department of Culture in Czestochowa in 2006 he released his album "Tylko miłość zabiorę ..." The recording was attended by a symphony orchestra, a choir, a jazz band and soloists. This diverse musical material, composed, arranged and produced by JW, is an original representation of the artist.

He received the Award of the City of Czestochowa in the Field of Culture for the year 2012 in the music category for the overall compositional and executive activity. In 2013 there was a series of outdoor concerts titled "A Musical Meeting Place of Jaroslaw Woszczyna", as a part of the cultural project "Aleje tu się dzieje". Another important event in 2013 was the release of the latest film of Andrzej Wajda - "Walesa. Man of Hope". The soundtrack included the song performed by the band Daab called "Fala ludzkich serc", which was co-written by Jaroslaw Woszczyna. He was also the arranger of the wind instruments. The film was this year's Polish candidate for the Oscar - nominated by the Polish Committee of the Oscars.

In 2014 he was awarded with a Medal for Merit to Culture of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The VENA VALLEY band was created in Czestochowa in 2003. After a few months of work the band recorded their first demo album "Tanellis”. It was noticed on the independent scene and gathered some very good reviews. The band played many concerts with Polish and international stars like ŁZY, LIPALI, KAYAH, IRA or the Swedish SABATON and won a lot of prestigious competitions. The band singer with a strong, charismatic voice performed in the Sopot Festival with such musicians as Thomas Anders (MODERN TALKING) or FORMACJA NIEZYWYCH SCHABUFF.