Mayor of Czestochowa


Before he has been elected for the Mayor of Czestochowa in November 2010, he was a member of Parliament, a social activist, a politician of the young generation. He also gained experience in self-governance.

He graduated from the Technical University of Czestochowa, which provided him not only with the Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree, but also with the opportunity to work with young people. As the president of the Faculty Student Council and a member of the student organizations he co-organized the juwenalia, autumn festivals for students, "FAMA" music festivals, as well as student and adaptive camps.

He completed post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Management at the Technical University of Czestochowa - Managerial Economics and Management Accounting, and the Management of Local Government Institutions.

For many years he was associated with Self-Government. From 2002 to 2007 he was a member of the City Council of Czestochowa and for almost two years was its Vice-President. Previously, he served as the chairman of the Raków District Council. He was also professionally connected with Self-Government working as a deputy head at the District Office.

Politics has been a part of his life for many years. He was the chairman of the City Council of the Federation of Young Social Democrats in Czestochowa, today he holds the office of the President of the City Council of Democratic Left Alliance in Czestochowa and the Vice-president of the Provincial Council of Democratic Left Alliance in Katowice.

In 2007 he was elected for the Polish parliament. He was a member of the Parliamentary Club of the Democratic Left Alliance party, which delegated him to join the parliamentary committee of inquiry. He participated in the works of the Infrastructure Committee and held the office of the Vice-President of the Parliamentary Group of the Silesian Province.

Since December 2010 he is the Mayor of the City of Czestochowa.

His private hobby is sailing. He is a Commander of the Sailing section and the Vice-President of the Academic Sports Association in Czestochowa. For many years he has organized sailing camps and taken part in the regatta. In 2003 and 2004 he won the champion title of the Regional Yachting Association of Częstochowa.

According to the Organizational Regulations of the City Hall of Czestochowa the City Mayor:

1) manages the daily affairs of the city;
2) represents the city on the outside;
3) the Mayor shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned to the official superior in relation to the employees of the City Hall and the managers of municipal organizational units;
4) the Mayor issues decisions in individual cases of public administration, unless specific provisions provide otherwise;
5) the Mayor may authorize his Deputies and other employees of the City Hall to issue administrative decisions referred to in point 4, on behalf of the President;
6) the Department of Supervision and Administration keeps a record of the authorizations referred to in point 5.

Additionally supervises the work of:

  •  the Department of Emergency Management, Civil Protection and Defence

  • the Control Bureau,

  • the Internal Audit team.

Mayor's Office: Śląska Street 11/13, room no. 121
Phone: 34 370 73 22